The Contract Kit


Create a strong foundation for your growing business. Up to six contract agreement templates for small creative agencies, solopreneurs, and freelancers. (Note: Kit already included in The Complete Guide to Web Project Management course.)

Protect your business & impress your client.

When we enter into new relationships with our clients, we want to make sure that we are setting the terms of the engagement before any work is done. We want our clients to know that we take their business seriously. This contract template can help with that.

web agency client contract meeting

Build stronger client relationships.

The Contract Kit includes six basic, templated contract agreements for agencies and freelancers in the creative industry. It is enough to create a foundation for your (It is used by a US-based agency. If you’re unsure, we recommend having a lawyer check them and adjust them to your needs.)

master service agreement web agency template

Master Service Agreement (two versions, large and condensed)

Scope of Work with over 16 templated deliverables

confidentiality web agency template

Confidentiality Agreement

IP web agency template

Intellectual Property Provision Agreement

contractor web agency template

Independent Contractor Work Agreement and Addendum

Lauren Kay

Lauren Kay
Founder of GatherKit
and Brave Factor

Meet your instructor, Lauren Kay

I started freelancing web design and development in 2008. Since then, I scaled my efforts and grew my agency, Brave Factor, to fourteen people.

Managing clients, delivering content on time, and finishing projects by the deadline were always challenging for me. Then, we started creating processes, establishing standards, and over-exceeding on communication.

With a consistent 5-star rating on Clutch (highlighting our client management processes primarily) and my experience building systems with, a web-project content collection tool, I feel confident this course can help you in your efforts to manage projects easier.

A bundled package for agencies and freelancers who are ready to upgrade their businesses

This Contract Kit is perfect for freelancers and young agencies who want to avoid painful mistakes when it comes to contracts and scope of work. This toolkit is ideal for web creators but can be applied to many creative industries that manage clients, like:

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The Contract kit