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Learning Creative Business for Web Designers & Developers

A Space For Web Creators To Learn & Grow Together

Where web designers and developers learn the business behind website creation.

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On a mission to Empower Web Creators to gain more freedom and growth. This is where Web Designers & Developers learn about Building Creative Businesses.


For Web Designers & Developers

A platform for building design and development skills, finding more clients, and increasing rates.


Learning the Business Side of Website Creation

Learning what’s essential for creative entrepreneurs to build and scale a business.

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Keeping Skills & Knowledge Up To Date

Being prepared for tomorrow by focusing on current trends and skills needed for web design in 2022.

Jeffrey At Lytbox

On a Mission to Empower Web Creators.

Founder of Lytbox

A bespoke design studio that helps entrepreneurs grow online through design, development, and strategy.

Founder of Building Businesses with Elementor

A community of freelancers, agency owners, and anyone aspiring to start their own business selling their web design and development services, and that use Elementor as one of their driving tools in their business.

Official Elementor Community Leader

A fan and advocate of Elementor and happy to be part of the community that empowers so many web creators.

Before I started building websites I worked back breaking and underpaying jobs in construction, machine shops, and retail. I also spent close to a decade of my life homeless. I never even had a computer and could not have dreamed of doing what I am doing now.

It wasn’t until I began my career as a web creator that I felt fulfilled and free! Free to create, to explore, to learn, to take chances on myself, to discover my own potential without the limits that working for jobs in my past always put on me. This is why I’m so passionate about helping others build their own web creation businesses.

My creative journey: Front-end developer > Web Designer > UI Designer > Creative Director. From a freelancer charging a few hundred dollars a website to building a design studio and working with high level clients charging 5 digits a project. I didn’t get here alone and you don’t have to either.


"Thanks to Jeffrey I push my business so much further where I didn't think it was possible. Make me rethink a lot of thing in my business model."

Jerome lambert Web Developer
Jerome Lambert

"My recurring revenue have already grown by 30%! Jeff is a great teacher who shares every aspect of this topic, I even learned a lot about general project (and client) management and web design business in general."

Kitti Beke Web Designer
Kitti Beke

Elevate Your Web Design Game & Business with Free Content & Resources Every Month!

I like giving out the tools I use to help other web creatives such as free templates, processes and other goodies. Also, I only send 1 email per month!

One on One Coaching & Mentorship

Building a Web Design & Development Career Doesn't Have To Be Lonely.

I didn’t get to where I’m at without help and you don’t have to either. Your personalized 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship is designed to help you get ahead faster and overcome your current obstacles.

Elementor Power Hour

One on One Personalized Elementor Training. Let’s Get You Over the Hurdles.

This is for the DIY do it yourselfers! You know your business and your mission and not afraid of a little tech. A 1-on-1 Elementor training session is for you to build your own creation.