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WordPress Maintenance Course

Building & Selling WordPress Maintenance Plans

A step by step guide to building and managing a WordPress Maintenance Business that results in high Monthly Recurring Revenue.


"The building and selling maintenance plans course was a real game changer for me. After participating in the course I quickly got 25+ legacy clients to opt in for the maintenance plan, which doubled my monthly recurring revenue. Considering that this was done in only 2 months time, I have no doubt that the things I learned in Jeffreys course will make a huge financial difference in the long run."

Robert Bamm Web Designer
Robert Bamm
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Creating Plans & Building Automated Systems

We go step-by-step in creating a maintenance system that runs on its own and does not interfere with your day-to-day business.

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Learning Sales, Marketing & onboarding Processes

Building a system is only half of it. This course focuses on sales, presentations, pricing, and converting your clients to your plans.


Packed with Action Workshops & Templates

This course and workshop include downloadable contract templates, proposal templates, and Elementor landing page designs.

What You'll Learn

Jeffrey at Lytbox

My mission is simple and clear - To help web creators build sustainable businesses and enrich their lives with freedom.

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Official Elementor Community Leader

As an active member of the Elementor community I've had the privilege of participating and hosting several Elementor events including events with Ben Pines and others from the Elementor family.

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Founder of Building Businesses with Elementor

The Facebook group and community with a focus on helping web creators of all levels to learn and support each other with their web design businesses. With over 8k members we are a strong and active community of amazing web creators!

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Founder of Lytbox

A design studio that focuses on bespoke design, development, & strategy that helps entrepreneurs to sell more online. More about the Lytbox Studio here.

Case Studies

Results By Real Students


"My recurring revenue have already grown by 30%! Jeff is a great teacher who shares every aspect of this topic, I even learned a lot about general project (and client) management and web design business in general."

Kitti Beke Web Designer
Kitti Beke

"The training covers all bases, from the commercial side of the positioning and selling maintenance plans, increasing conversions right through to the technical elements of choosing the right software with a solid automation process so you can deliver your plans, at scale, with solid profit margins."

Tony Baker Web Developer
Tony Baker

"Thanks to Jeffrey I push my business so much further where I didn't think it was possible. Make me rethink a lot of thing in my business model. I would definitely recommend Jeffrey and his course event thought I wish my competition won't watch it."

Jerome lambert Web Developer
Jerome Lambert

"This is the best course I found about Care plans. For the price I paid the value was incredibly high. I have now established a system for my plans and decided what to offer with confidence! You are an amazing person Jeffrey! Thank you for your kindness and expertise."

Victor Marban Web Designer
Victor Marban

"I have enjoyed this and it is a revelation for us. Just by looking at the basic list makes us realize how much value we can start offering clients. "

Susan Ngigi
Susan Ngigi

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"Adding Maintenance Plans to my web design business has helped me scale up from working on small websites to building a high-level design studio. By building a MRR business, I've gained the freedom to increase my prices, say no to bad projects, and to work with clients I enjoy."


Everything Possibly Needed is Included to Start Earning Monthly Recurring Revenue.

Policies, Guidelines, & Business Model

You'll create a business model with processes to help manage clients, projects & build profitable MRR.

Easily Build Your Automated Systems

We'll walk through step-by-step and build your own automated maintenance system keeping it simple.

Pricing Your Packages And Plans

No more guessing about how much to charge. You'll create plans that are profitable and full of value.

Sales Brochures & Proposal Templates

Includes downloadable and customizable proposal and sales templates to use for increasing sales conversions.

Onboarding & Contract Templates

Use our contracts for your business. A valuable asset, this contract template creates clear expectations and protects you from liabilities.

Elementor Landing Page Kit Templates

Special for Elementor users. Landing page templates that are easily customizable and ready to go. Just add your brand colors & fonts.

Over 4 Hours of Training & Workshops

From many months of strategy & planning, you will have a properly built Maintenance Business by the end of this course.

Dedicated Support Space in Circle

Learn with other students building a maintenance business together as a community and receive personalized support.

Course Outline

A 4-Week Roadmap To Set Up & Start Selling Your WordPress Maintenance Plans

Week One

Part 1: The Foundation

18 Lessons and a couple of workshops to help guide you in building your plans. By the end of part 1, you'll have your plans created. You'll know what to offer and what to avoid and how to price your plans.

Week Two

Part 2: Building Systems

15 Lessons and 1 large workshop. In part 2 we'll go through each item in your maintenance plan and set them up in an automated system. Even a non-techie can do this!

Week Three & Four

Part 3: The Business

16 Lessons and a few workshops. Part 3 is where the magic happens! This is where we build our business focusing on sales, marketing, and onboarding to increase your MRR.

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Get access to the full course now!


1 Time purchase • Lifetime Access • 14-day Money Back No Questions Asked

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Frequently Asked Questions

4 weeks, and you’ll be ready to go. This is an action course that is broken down into 3 parts and each part has its own outcome. In weeks one, we will create our plans together. In week 2 we’ll set up your maintenance system. And in weeks 3 and 4 you’ll learn how to position your plans on your website, create your proposal and sales template, have your onboarding processes set up, and be ready to start selling and onboarding confidently. It’s important to not skim through the lessons too fast and work them in order and because of this the course is dripped out in a 2 week period.

You can use the templates for all of your project. There is no limit. I want you to use them as much as possible and sell an unlimited number of maintenance plans! I only ask to be cool and not sell them:)

If I were to change anything about my path as a web designer, I would have started offering Maintenance Care Plans from the very beginning. By starting early, you’ll be building up your Monthly Recurring Revenue. The sooner you start, the more predictable income you’ll make in your future. Start as soon as you are building sites for clients!

This course & workshop is for both, those just starting their WordPress Maintenance Business, and especially for those who want to improve their existing business. If you are already offering Care Plans, this course will help you restructure your process into a system that works better for you and can help you sell more plans.

You’ll have lifetime access and that’s a guarantee. Also, this is just the beginning. There will be updates and and more workshops in the future. Any updates to this course and added content & workshop will be included, no upsells or extra costs. You’re covered.