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SEO for WordPress Course

Learn Powerful SEO That’s Easy to Follow

A 100% complete SEO resource you can use to fully optimize your site and your client's. You'll have everything needed to start ranking WP sites & selling SEO services.

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Learn Powerful SEO in a Process That's Easy to Follow & Replicate

A step-by-step approach that's so simple even a total beginner can learn the same as a pro.


Never Worry About Keywords, Campaigns, & SEO Tools Again

Where most get stuck, you'll move through smoothly with a process you can make your own.


Perfect for Freelancers & Agencies to Start Offering SEO Services

Gain the confidence that YOU CAN deliver super effective results and have all the tools you'll need to get started.

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Staying Ahead in 2024 with Google SGE

Google AI is here and shaking things up in the SEO world. Throughout the year we'll be updating our strategies together and keeping ahead of SGE.

The ultimate SEO course to learn SEO best practices for WordPress, rank your own business site, and delivering SEO services to your clients.

More than just a course, this is a resource to hyper rank your WordPress websites.

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A Powerful SEO Resource

The Ultimate SEO Resource for WordPress Users.

By far the most advanced & Complete SEO course for all WordPress websites (Elementor, Bricks, Breakdance, Divi, Gutenberg, and more)


Step-by-step SEO Checklists, Cheat Sheets, and SOPs

Throughout the course, you'll have the tools to make following along smooth and painless.

SEO Tools

No Overly Complicated or Expensive Tools Needed

No beating around the bush - You'll get a specific stack based on your SEO level and goals and learn how to use it.


Make All Your WordPress Sites SEO-Friendly & Optimized

You'll learn how to apply all SEO best practices to your WP sites and avoid any costly SEO mistakes.


Follow Me Setting Up A Real Campaign Together

This is a 100% action course as you work on ranking your site with me in real-time. You can follow along setting up and running a live campaign.


Simplified Keyword Finding, Ranking, & Tracking

Where most get stuck, you'll excel. We'll make finding the right keywords and tracking your rankings a breeze.

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Staying ahead of Google SGE for 2024

We'll be staying fluid and adapting all year long around the changes to SEO from Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Course Curriculum

Designed to make the complex world of SEO simple to follow & learn.

Each level begins with cheatsheets and SEO checklists to make the process simple to follow while we optimize a real live site together.

Level 1: SEO Optimization Made Easy

Module 1
Getting Started With SEO Made Easy

Lesson 1: How to Use the ‘Ultimate SEO for WordPress’ Course

Lesson 2: How to Use Our Community & Support

Lesson 3: How to Get Lytbox SEO Certified

Lesson 4: What ‘SEO-Friendly’ Looks Like

Lesson 5: SEO Best Practices for WordPress

Lesson 6: The SEO Terms You’ll Need to Know (in a non-overwhelming way)

Lesson 7: Level 1 WordPress SEO Tools

Module 2
SEO Focus Areas On A WordPress Website

Lesson 8: Assessing the Current SEO Status of a WordPress Site

Lesson 9: The Relationship Between SEO & Content

Lesson 10: Hierarchy Theory

Lesson 11: HTML Semantics for SEO

Lesson 12: Site Title, Page Titles, & Meta Descriptions

Lesson 13: User & SEO Friendly URLs

Lesson 14: Indexing Basics & Setting Up a New WordPress Install

Lesson 15: Indexing XML Sitemaps in Google Search Console

Lesson 16: Redirections

Lesson 17: Maintaining SEO When Rebuilding a WordPress Website

Module 3
The Ultimate SEO Boost for WordPress Websites

Lesson 18: Onsite & On-page WordPress Optimization

Lesson 19: Setting Up SEO Plugins

Lesson 20: Optimizing On-page Content

Lesson 21: Super Powered Blogs (part 1)

Lesson 22: Internal Linking (part 1)

Lesson 23: Choosing the Right Keywords (part 1)

Lesson 24: Crafting the Right Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions

Lesson 25: Optimizing Images

Lesson 26: Testing for Broken Links

Lesson 27: Checking All of the Green Boxes

Lesson 28: Passing Core Web Vitals

Lesson 29: Performing Technical Onsite Audits & Fixing SEO Issues

Lesson 30: Completing Your Onsite & On-page Checklist

Lesson 31: Beware of These Common SEO Mistakes

Lesson 32: How to Leverage Building SEO-friendly WordPress Sites

Level 2: Advanced SEO & Super Ranking Your Site Step-by-Step

Module 4
Finding the Right Strategy (Audits & Research Simplified)

Lesson 33: SEO for Web Designers, Developers, Freelancers & Agency Owners

Lesson 34: A First Look Into SEO Services

Lesson 35: Creating the Most Effective SEO Strategy

Lesson 36: Building Your SEO Tools Stack

Lesson 37: Performing & Reading Audits

Lesson 38: Competitor Analysis

Lesson 39: Advanced Keyword Research (finding the right keyword part 2)

Lesson 40: SEO Plan Deliverables

Lesson 41: Creating the Client’s SEO Strategy Plan

Module 5
On-page SEO Optimization (Crushing it with Content Even for Non-Writers)

Lesson 42: Fixing On-site & On-page Issues

Lesson 43: Website Copy (the do’s and don’ts)

Lesson 44: Using AI (without sounding like a robot)

Lesson 45: Local SEO Optimized Content (don’t sleep on the NAPs)

Lesson 46: Auditing & Optimizing Existing Content

Lesson 47: Super Powered Blogs (part 2)

Lesson 48: Internal Linking Strategy (part 2)

Lesson 49: SEO Focused Landing Pages

Lesson 50: Adding Schema & Structured Data

Lesson 51: Mastering Keyword Selection & Optimizations

Module 6
Off-Page SEO Optimizations (Next Level Advanced SEO)

Lesson 52: Optimizing GMB (Google My Business)

Lesson 53: Building High Quality Citations for Local SEO

Lesson 54: Continued Local SEO Growth

Lesson 55: Getting Started with Backlinks

Lesson 56: Building a Backlink Strategy & Action Plan

Lesson 57: Setting Up & Utilizing Google Search Console

Lesson 58: Setting Up & Utilizing Google Analytics

Lesson 59: Tracking SERP Positions, Backlinks, Keywords, & Overall Progress

Lesson 60: Staying ahead in 2024 with AI

Lesson 61: Working a Real Life SEO Plan (with an easy to follow process)

Level 3: Offering SEO as a Service

Module 7
Selling On-site & On-page Optimizations (Kickstarter)

Lesson 62: Pricing onsite and on page SEO

Lesson 63: Packaging a Kickstarter service

Lesson 64: Selling SEO Optimization and SEO-Friendly Sites

Module 8
Packaging Up Your SEO Plans

Lesson 65: Pricing – How much to charge for your SEO plans

Lesson 66: Packaging – What (and what not) to include in your SEO plans

Lesson 67: Selling to your first SEO client

Module 9
Selling & Delivering SEO Services

Lesson 68: Finding SEO clients

Lesson 69: Website positioning

Lesson 70: Proposals

Lesson 71: Agreements & Contracts

Lesson 72: Reports

Lesson 73: Collecting Payments

Lesson 74: Getting the Lytbox SEO Certified site badge

Meet Your Teacher

Jeffrey @ Lytbox

Jeffrey @ Lytbox

A WordPress Jedi Nerd obsessed with super dope websites. An educator because I love watching others achieve what I have.

  • Founder of the Lytbox Digital Agency
  • SEO Specialist
  • Pro Web & UI Designer
  • Front-End Developer

Who Is This Course For?

Rank & Drive Crazy Traffic to Your Own & Your Client's WordPress Sites

The course is designed for beginners to learn how to apply SEO best practices, business owners to optimize their own sites, and professionals to start offering SEO services.

New WordPress Developers & Designers

Learn how to better build WordPress sites the right way with perfect SEO practices.

Experienced Web Developers & Designers

Add more value and give your clients more with on-site optimization.

DIY Business Owners

Take SEO into your own hands by ranking your site without shelling out a fortune to an agency.

Freelancers & Agencies

Use this as a resource, tool, & guide to start offering SEO services to your clients.

For All WordPress Builders

This resource is for all builders including Elementor, Bricks, Breakdance, Gutenberg, Divi, and more.

Easy to Follow from Beginners to Pro Level

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Course Support

We Do This Together!

I've never been fond of courses with only videos leaving students on their own. It's not my style. I personally want to see and help every student succeed. That's why we have our own dedicated support space and I make myself completely available. Your success is my success.

  • Dedicated support space in Circle
  • Get support with Direct Messaging
  • Connect and network with your fellow students
Live Design Sessions

15+ Course Templates

SEO Template Library

15 templates and counting! Everything you need to ensure your site's are SEO optimized, to run pro-level SEO campaigns, and to manage team members.

  • SEO for WordPress checklists
  • SEO campaign actions plan
  • Contracts, strategy deck, SEO plans builder, SEO contracts, and more!
template dashboard

SEO for WordPress Pricing

Lifetime Access to the Complete Course, Newly Added Lessons, and a Supportive Active Community.

The most complete SEO course for WordPress designers, developers, freelancers, and agency owners.

Single Payment Plan (save 20%)


Enroll now and get everything you need to deliver Pro SEO results!

  • 9 high-level modules
  • Complete set of checklists & cheatsheets
  • Agency tools - SOPs, proposals & contract templates
  • Access to private community
  • Lifetime updates on new lessons & modules
  • Certificate of course completion
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Split Payment Plan

$149 2 payments

Enroll with only 2 monthly payments of $169 and get started ASAP!

  • 9 high-level modules
  • Complete set of checklists & cheatsheets
  • Agency tools - SOPs, proposals & contract templates
  • Access to private community
  • Lifetime updates on new lessons & modules
  • Certificate of course completion
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A Zero Risk & No Questions Asked Refund Policy!

Nothing to lose with so much value to gain! There’s a no questions asked refund policy with a 14 days refund period.

[***Pro Members get 25% Off 💖]
A Students Named Eric

"Hey Jeffrey, thanks to your help, my clients site went from 25 serp to 6 serp ranking!!"


Got questions? I'm here to help.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to me anytime.

Contact Me
When will the course be live?

We are now officially live! Check out the full curriculum here.

Where is the course located?

The Lytbox Academy platform is located on Circle Communities with a high-tiered plan. That way, we get the most benefits from Circle. All courses, course support spaces, the Lytbox Pro community, and our events are centralized in one location on Circle. You can take the course on your desktop browser (recommended), or on the Circle app for both iOS and Android.

Is this only for Elementor, Bricks, or Gutenberg?

This is for WordPress. It does not matter what page builder or theme you use. However, it is vital to understand how different themes and page builders can affect SEO, and that you will learn in this course. I’ve personally gotten insane results and 1st page rankings with both Elementor and Bricks and can confirm, that once you learn how to do this right, you’ll get the best results with your preferred WordPress tools.

What happens if I get stuck while taking the course?

I’ve been there and I know how complex SEO can get. I already know the pain points and where most of us get stuck because I’ve gone through them myself. That’s why I’ve built easy-to-follow process steps that you’ll use to help avoid getting stuck in those confusing areas of SEO. You’ll have full access to me and a community of your peers to reach out to and work with if you do feel stuck at any part of the course.

English isn't my first language, are there subtitles?

English subtitles are available for all the course lessons. I have plans to support multiple languages in the near future.

Will I receive free updates in the future?

Absolutely! We’ll have plenty of updates throughout 2024 as the world of SEO evolves around the upcoming Google AI known as SGE.

Do I need SEO experience to take this course?

We all need to start somewhere and the first level of this course is designed to help you get the best possible first start. Once you finish the first 3 modules, you’ll have a perfect understanding of how SEO works with WordPress.

How long will it take to finish the course?

The goal of this course is to be used as a reusable resource. This is one you can take several times since it walkthrough step by step optimizing a site and running a campaign. Because of this, I don’t want to hold you hostage to endless videos. If you follow along while working on your own site’s SEO, you can finish within 1 to 3 weeks.

Do I need to buy other SEO tools?

This all depends on your SEO goals. I’ll guide you through choosing the right set of SEO tools that includes a free set for beginners and DIY, mid-range for competitive campaigns, and top tier for high-level campaigns. One thing is for sure, you’ll have the right set of SEO tools early on in this course and won’t get stuck here.

I’m already a SEO pro. Do I still need to take this course?

If you’re a pro and already getting solid results, this might not be the right course for you. This course is designed to get you to a pro level. But if you’re already there, you may want to find something to take you to a ninja level SEO specialist. Reach out to me and I can share some good resources I use for ninja level SEO.

Does the course include the Lytbox Pro Academy Membership?

The Lytbox Pro Academy is a separate membership based coaching community for web creators. It is not included with the course. However, Pro Academy members do get special discounts on premium courses. If you join the Lytbox Pro Academy first, you’ll get a special 25% off discount on this course.

What is the refund policy?

I like the now sweat, no pressure, and no questions asked kind of refund policy. I don’t want anyone to feel pressured or uncomfortable. If, for any reason, you feel you made the wrong choice and it’s not right for you, you have up to 14 days for a no questions asked refund. It’s all good.

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