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The Lytbox Pro Academy

A Growth Community Designed For Web Creators.

Join a community full of web designers & developers passionate and invested in growing our businesses together.

Weekly Events, Workshops, and Fireside Chats

Every week, we come together for high-level conversations. This is where connections are built, and web creators feel a part of something special.

Coaching, Guidance, Accountability, & Support

No web designer, developer, freelancer, or agency owner needs to travel their journey alone. Use the power of a hyper-focused community.

For Web Designers, Freelancers, & Agency Owners

Why do this alone? We don't have to with a structured mentorship, mastermind program, or opportunities to grow with others.

I spent almost 5 years flying solo trying to figure out so much with my business using scattered resources. This has easily been one of the best decisions I have made for my business and my own personal development. The community is just perfect for freelancers and agency owners looking to expand their professional network and collaborate with like-minded individuals who are all on the same journey. Such a nice group of people who are willing to help and share advice and ideas!

Tony Baker Tony Baker -

Joining Lytbox Academy has been a fantastic decision! I’ve felt included and supported from the start by Jeffrey and the community of fellow designers and developers. It’s simply priceless to learn, share and grow in the company of fellow professionals who have all been there. Thank you Jeffrey!

Student Testimonial

Johanna - Orcadia Design

What's Included In Your Membership

Super Powered Community Coaching for Us Web Creators

Resources, connections, and support for creatives.

Weekly Live Group Events

Connect and network with other creatives while we learn together in our weekly workshop events and fireside chats.

Exclusive Cohort Courses

Sometimes an hour workshop is not enough. This is where the power of cohorts shine with full access to live and recorded courses.

Free Assets & Course Discounts

Pro Members will always get extra special love with a growing library of workshop recordings and web assets.

Join Today

Become a Pro Member Today & Level Up Your Design Business!

Price has been reduced for a limited time. While most companies are increasing prices due to inflation, I'm taking a different path by reducing the price of Lytbox Pro Academy making it accessible for all web creators.

$49 $20 / month
Join Monthly
  • Private Circle Community Space
  • Weekly Events, Workshops, and Fireside Chats
  • Coaching, Guidance, Accountability, & Support
  • Regular Cohort Courses
  • Exclusive Community of Serious Web Creators
  • Assets and tools for freelancers & agency owners
$490 $200 / yearly
Join Yearly
  • 2 Months Free for Annual Memberships
  • Private Circle Community Space
  • Weekly Events, Workshops, and Fireside Chats
  • Coaching, Guidance, Accountability, & Support
  • Regular Cohort Courses
  • Exclusive Community of Serious Web Creators
  • Assets and tools for freelancers & agency owners


Wondering if the Pro Academy is right for you?

What is the Lytbox Pro Academy?

The Pro Academy is a high level coaching based community for web creators looking to learn. We focus on unity and togetherness uniting web creators on a primary purpose to learn and grow together. Our membership is a way to keep our community focused on value.

How do I know if this is right for me?

This is a membership program only for web creators serious about their business, for those of us at a level where we are willing to invest and dedicate ourselves to our future. We are web designers, developers, and agency/studio owners at all levels focused on business and personal growth. You have a home and community here.

When are the weekly Live Group Events?

Our calls are every Thursday and at a time that is accessible to most members. There are plans to alternate times for our calls to work best for all members. A schedule will be posted every month in advance.

What are 'Cohort Courses'?

A cohort course is taught live where students can interact with teachers, coaches, and other students. This has been proven to deliver far greater results than traditional video-recorded courses!

What if I can't attend a Monthly Cohort Course or Weekly Workshops?

It’s all good. All cohort courses and Live Group Events will be recorded and broken down into lessons. This way you can go through the previous cohort courses and take them as regular online courses. Oh, and for non-members, these courses will be sold at a premium price.

What if I decide to leave?

If you are a web creator or have goals to become one, I can ensure you’ll find value here. But if you feel it’s not the right time for you or a change of mind about the direction you’re going in, you can cancel your membership at any time and rejoin in the future when you feel you’re ready for the investment and commitment.

What if I'm a newbie to web design and development?

By joining as a newbie and getting involved, you’ll fly faster and farther than others trying to learn independently. In addition, you’ll have direction and support from the start, which can only result in much faster and painless career advancement.

Will my monthly and annual payments renew automatically?

Yes they will. Everything is automated. All members have full access to easily manage accounts found in your dashboard here on the Lytbox Academy website.

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