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The Lytbox Pro Academy

A Growth Community Designed For Web Creators.

Join a community full of web designers & developers passionate and invested in growing our businesses together.

For Designers, Developers, & Agency Owners

No Web Creator Needs To Travel Their Journey Alone Again!

What happens when a bunch of creatives flying solo comes together? We no longer have to take that lonely, long, and often painful path full of hard lessons and costly mistakes. Instead, we learn faster, avoid pitfalls, and grow at a far faster rate!

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Weekly Events, Workshops, and Fireside Chats

Every week we come together for high-level conversations. This is where connections are built, and web creators feel "A part of."

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Coaching, Guidance, Accountability, & Support

No web designer, developer, freelancer, or agency owner needs to travel their journey alone. Use the power of a hyper-focused community.

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For Web Designers, Freelancers, & Agency Owners

Why do this alone? We don't have to with a structured mentorship, mastermind program, or opportunities to grow with others.

For Web Creators By Web Creators

Love πŸ’– From The Community


I spent almost 5 years flying solo trying to figure out so much with my business using scattered resources. This has easily been one of the best decisions I have made for my business and my own personal development. The community is just perfect for freelancers and agency owners looking to expand their professional network and collaborate with like-minded individuals who are all on the same journey. Such a nice group of people who are willing to help and share advice and ideas!

Tony Baker Web Developer
Tony Baker

Joining Lytbox Academy has been a fantastic decision! I’ve felt included and supported from the start by Jeffrey and the community of fellow designers and developers. It’s simply priceless to learn, share and grow in the company of fellow professionals who have all been there. Thank you Jeffrey!


What's Included In Your Membership

Monthly Cohort Courses, Weekly Live Group Events, & A Community of Incredible Web Creators

Weekly Live Group Calls & Coaching

Join the community every week for high-level coaching and guest experts to discuss what matters to us.

Regular Cohort-Based Courses

A new course for web creators taught every month with 10-20 hours of lessons and workshops.

Full Access to the Content Library

All cohort courses, boot camps, and live group calls are recorded and organized into categories.

Exclusive Community

Join our Slack and Private Facebook group with others actively invested in a higher level of learning and growth.

Mentorship Program

We teach, and we learn together. We use each other's experiences to learn faster and smarter.

The Expert Circle Directory

Where all members can list their skills and services to better network and find projects together.

Community Coaches

Anyone can work their way to becoming a leader and teacher. This is a community by the community.

A Private Circle Community

It's all about the value and by having a dedicated community space on Circle, we are able to keep everything ultra-focused!

Join The Lytbox Academy

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$49 USD Per Month

Real Life Connections

Live Group Events Calls Every Week

Connect with a community of web creators with similar passions and goals while receiving high-level group coaching.

Next Call: May 4th, 2023

Diversifying Your Revenue Stream (for Creatives)

You know that saying, don't put all your eggs in 1 basket. In this call we'll look at how we can add more revenue streams along with our client projects. This is going to be a good one for anyone that wants to earn more 😝


Cohort Course for November 2022

"Creating Our Own Agency & Freelancer Websites" - by Jeffrey Dalrymple

Lauren Kay, founder of Brave Factor and GatherKit, will lead the upcoming cohort on getting more business and closing more deals. We will explore the sales cycle, from qualifying the lead, navigating the first sales call, sending the proposal, and closing the deal. It is great for those who are fresh in the industry who want to navigate sales calls with confidence or veterans who may be struggling to close projects.

Selling Without Selling Out

Join The Lytbox Academy

Become a Pro Member Today & Level Up Your Design Business!

$49 USD Per Month

All this for less than the cost of β˜•οΈ a day

Frequently Asked Questions

Our community is the Web Creators’ Circle. Our membership is a way to keep our community continuously adding high value like continuous learning, courses, training, coaching, and mentorships.

This is a membership program only for web creators serious about their business, for those of us at a level where we are willing to invest and dedicate ourselves to our future. We are web designers, developers, and agency/studio owners at all levels focused on business and personal growth. You have a home and community here if this is you or where you want to be.

Our calls are every Thursday and at a time that is accessible to most members. There are plans to alternate times for our calls to work best for all members. A schedule will be posted every month in advance.

This is the new and better performing method for online courses. Traditionally online courses have been a structured library of videos with workshops and downloadable resources. In addition, a cohort course is taught live where students can interact with teachers and coaches. This has been proving to deliver far greater results!

It’s all good. All cohort courses and boot camps will be recorded and broken down into lessons. So you can go through the previous cohort courses and take them as regular online courses. Oh, and for non-members, these courses will be sold at a premium price.

If you are a web creator or have goals to become one, we can ensure you’ll find value here. But if you feel it’s not the right time for you or a change in mind about the direction you’re going in, you can cancel your membership at any time and rejoin in the future when you feel you’re ready for the investment and commitment.

By joining as a newbie and getting involved, you’ll fly faster and farther than others trying to learn independently. In addition, you’ll have direction and support from the start, which can only result in much faster and painless career advancement.