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Private Elementor Training

Want To Build Your Own Website Instead Of Hiring Someone?

This is for the DYI business owners and hobbyist. Elementor is a user-friendly tool that even non-developers can use to create high-quality and professional looking websites. My Elementor Power Hour Training will help you get started, stay on a productive path, & make sure you don't get stuck!

Jeffrey at Lytbox

Official Elementor Expert

Level Up Your Elementor Skills

I've been a fan and advocate of Elementor and have been building site with El for over 3 years. Getting started is simple and by learning more you can unlock the true power and potential of Elementor.

Pointing Right

Official Elementor Community Leader

As an active member of the Elementor community I've had the privilege of participating and hosting several Elementor events including events with Ben Pines and others from the Elementor family.

Pointing Right

Founder of Building Businesses with Elementor Community

The Facebook group and community with a focus on helping web creators of all levels to learn and support each other with their web design businesses. With over 8k members we are a strong and active community of amazing web creators!

Pointing Right

Founder & Creative Director of Lytbox Design Studio

A design studio that focuses on bespoke design, development, & strategy that helps entrepreneurs to sell more online. More about the Lytbox Studio here.

Schedule Your Elementor Power Hour

Let's make this a simple book now and about making it easy. Keep it simple and personal. Can add more details in the FAQ below.

What to expect in your Power Hour

Here can go the details of what will be completed on my end before our call and what to expect.

Here can go about what the client will do to help to prepare for the call.

Here I can discuss after collecting my research and the client’s input that I will create an agenda of the top 3 most impactful areas for us to focus on to give a productive hour of our time.

How our call will go. Basically about how everyone is unique and the call will be structured focus on the client and on productivity.

This will be about after the call and creating a game plan for the client to focus on and give a simple direction.