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Should I Start Using ChatGPT for My Blog

Article Outline

What, do you mean I can create 10 blog posts a day in less than an hour? But…would you want to be on that newsletter…

Holy cow! Now I can create 3 blogs a week and only spend 10 minutes creating content! How does that sound?

To my inner lazy self, that sounds amazing. But how does that sound to you? Is that a newsletter you’d be willing to risk your email for? 

So the question is, should I or other creatives and content creators start using ChatGPT for blog creation?

What’s the Purpose of the Blog?

Blogs can have different purposes. For many, it’s all about ranking and getting traffic. To some, it’s a hobby and a way to connect with the world. And to others, it’s a way to connect with a tribe we belong to and provide value. 

It can also be a combination of all 3 I mentioned above. But suppose the content creator’s primary mission is to get traffic and rank to collect that check from Google and other affiliates. In that case, ChatGPT may be a godsend.

I personally have found writing (including typing) a healthy outlet. It’s a way to collect thoughts and can be peaceful. I’ve been journaling every morning for years as a healthy practice for my mental and spiritual health. I don’t see myself using ChatGPT or anything similar to journal with. 

And all the AppSumo AI Writers – I tried most and bought many. Still have LTDs. But I never really use them. They just seem to take the ‘writing out of writing.’

How Would Someone Find Value In My Blog?

First, to succeed in giving value, the reader needs to walk away with something that improves their life. It can be super small and peanuts in the world of digital philosophers. But if it helps just a little, then mission accomplished.

And technically, this could be achieved with an AI writer. 

However, this value wouldn’t have come from me. It wouldn’t have come from my lifetime of experience, learning, sacrificing, failing, and successes. 

If the blog is my blog, then it’s part of my journey, and I’m grateful to have lived a life where I can share a part of myself that helps others. So why would I replace that with software that does not know me and has not lived the life that I lived? 

My Final Thoughts (Opinions are like my…)

CHatGPT is most definitely powerful and a game-changer. It would be foolish to put my head in the sand while the digital world is evolving. I need to evolve with it or become a relic like Blockbuster. It’s a tool and one I plan to continue using. 

There are many ways it can be used to make my life easier. But it can’t live my life and can not write from my perspective. It can imitate others’ perspectives and writing styles, but it can not be us. Therefore, I have made a conscious decision not to use ChatGPT for my own personal blog. 

The words I write need to be my words. So if you sign up for my newsletter, you’re trusting me and saying you want to hear from me, which is precious! To me, it means a lot and is something I value greatly.

Now, for a client’s site…if the client isn’t keen to write their own content or doesn’t have the ability, ChatGPT will be our friend. But I’ll still have the client rewrite it, and I’ll be open with the client about the content source, letting them decide. We all have our own ethics. I’m a content creator, so my ethics tell me I’m supposed to create my content, not AI. But for someone else, it can be all good. 

Those are my thoughts, and just like all of my thoughts and opinions, they’ll continue to evolve.

Oh, and BTW, this post was written by ChatGPT – Just playing, cheers!

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