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The Complete Guide To Web Project Management

The Complete Guide to Web Project Management

A comprehensive course on managing web projects, dealing with difficult clients, and making more money by being more organized in your agency, studio, or freelance business

  • 60 lessons (Over 2.5 hours of video + written transcripts)
  • 18 project SOPs, 3 checklists, & more
  • The Contract Kit – up to 8 contract templates
  • 80+ email script templates
  • 2 Notion templates
  • and much more...
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What to Expect

Stressful projects never create happy clients.

We have all been there. You’re on the ‘nth revision and the client is frustrated. The web project was supposed to be done months ago but the client keeps asking for more. This course is here to help guide you through smooth client management in web projects that makes them even more confident in your skills.

Never again experience:

  • Clients take control of the creative process
  • Clients ask for too many (unpaid) revisions
  • Projects take a lot longer than initially planned
  • Not knowing how to have difficult conversations with clients
  • You waste time doing the same project management tasks


Organization never felt so good.

With this course, you’ll be able to run projects with less stress, interact with your clients with more joy, and save time for what’s really important.

Create your web agency’s foundation

At the beginning of the course, we will explore what good project management means, how to create your own standards and ways to be accountable to yourself and your client.

Progress quicker through the milestones

Creating impressive websites can take time. We detail how to talk to your client through every step of the process so you can get approvals faster.

Navigate complicated scenarios with clients

Everything is easy in theory. We have detailed 10 unique scenarios that might arise during the project and how to confidently address these challenges like a professional.

"I purchased Lauren Kay's course yesterday and the value that's packed into it is truly amazing from the start! Love it Lauren, you've truly put your all into this. Thank you for sharing your tried and tested processes!!"

Johanna Pieterman

Agency Owner

What’s Included

Training + templates to aid your success

We’ve put together over 12 years of experience on what it takes to manage your projects (and agency) efficiently. In this course, you’ll find:

Lessons & Training

Over 60 lessons about managing your client through the process and navigating difficult situations

18 Project SOPs

Based on a real agency’s SOPs that details "what", "why", and "how" for every step of the process

The Contact Kit included

Get access to The Contract Kit, including MSAs, IP, Scope of Work Maintenance, Confidentiality, Subcontractor Agreements & more

80+ Email script templates

Every email template you might need for every step of the process and every challenging scenario

3 Project checklists

Including the entire web project process and a website accessibility compliance list

4 Project questionnaires

Questionnaires for brand positioning, design look and feel, target audience, and project goals

Web Agency Blueprint

A simple Notion template for your web agency’s brand positioning, tracking sales, and marketing

Web project template

A simple Notion template that includes timelines, tasks, and checklists for smoother project flow

Bonus: The First Call

Our First Call Diagnostic Questions to help you navigate a good client fit

Bonus: Business calculator

Basic business finance and runway calculator for your web agency

Bonus: Print & Logo Process

Our agency’s timelines, SOPs, email templates, and guidelines for managing small print/logo projects.

What to Expect

Course breakdown

Course includes 2.5 hours of videos, written transcripts and exercises.

Getting Set Up

  • Welcome to the course
  • Setting up your agency (& clients) for success
  • Understanding Basic Business Finance
  • Join the Circle Group

The Complete Guide to Web Project Management

  • Intro
  • Creating Real Value
  • Why Relationships Matter
  • What Client Management is Not
  • The Client Management Manifesto
  • Set Your Standards
  • Before the Project Starts
  • Project Organization Strategy
  • Example: Managing Personal Tasks
  • Accountability and Check-ins
  • Example: After a weekly phone call

Web Project Flow & Milestones

  • Looking at Website Project Flow
  • Our Goal: Move the Project Forward
  • Example: Creating and Managing a Project in Asana and
  • Onboarding
  • Setting Project Goals
  • Discovery & Research
  • Making the Creative Brief
  • Site Architecture
  • Content Collection
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing & QA
  • Launch and Handoff

Navigating Complicated Scenarios

  • Intro
  • How to Keep Your Cool
  • When a Client Pushes Your Buttons
  • When… I Feel…
  • Displaying Appreciation
  • Working Through Unrealistic Expectations
  • Managing Scope Creep
  • If They Won’t Follow Your Process
  • If Bugs Appear
  • If They Are Too Involved
  • If Alignment Isn’t Coming Easy
  • If They Go Backwards
  • If They Ghost You
  • If Your Client is Raging Mad
  • If They are Hostile or Abusive
  • Learning from Past Mistakes

Building a Stronger Relationship

  • Client Delight
  • Making the Ask
  • Final Thoughts

Contract Kit includes:

  • Master Service Agreement
  • Schedule an IP
  • Scope of Work
  • Scope of Work Extension
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Subcontractor Agreement
  • Website Maintenance Contract

SOP Resources include:

  • Client Management SOP
  • Content Quality SOP + Checklist
  • Content Storytelling SOP
  • Design – Dev Prep & Slicing SOP
  • Design – Stylescapes SOP
  • Design – Website Design SOP
  • Design – Wireframe SOP
  • Dev – CPTs & Blog SOP
  • Dev – Pages SOP
  • Dev – Setup SOP + Checklist
  • Discovery and Research SOP
  • Gathering Content Guidelines
  • QA – Compliance Checklist
  • QA – Launch SOP
  • QA – Pre-Launch SOP
  • QA – Speed SOP
  • Simple SEO SOP + Checklist
  • Site Navigation SOP + Checklist

Lauren Kay

Founder of GatherKit and Brave Factor

Meet your instructor

Lauren Kay

I started freelancing web design and development in 2008. Since then, I scaled my efforts and grew my agency, Brave Factor, to fourteen people. Managing clients, delivering content on time, and finishing projects by the deadline were always challenging for me. Then, we started creating processes, establishing standards, and over-exceeding on communication. With a consistent 5-star rating on Clutch (highlighting our client management processes primarily) and my experience building systems with, a web-project content collection tool, I feel confident this course can help you in your efforts to manage projects easier.

A complete course on web project management – built for anyone ready to upgrade their processes

This course is perfect for freelancers and young agencies who want to avoid painful client management mistakes. This is ideal for web creators but can be applied to many creative industries that manage clients, like:

Web designers & web developers

Content managers & copywriters

Project managers for creative projects

Web & mobile app developers

Marketers & social media managers

Brand strategists & digital strategists

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Ready to evolve your clients’ experiences in the web process?

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  • Easily Build Your Automated Systems
  • Pricing Your Packages And Plans
  • Policies, Guidelines, & Business Model
  • Sales Brochures & Proposal Templates
  • Dedicated Support Space in Circle
  • Certificate of completion

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