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Install WordPress For Free With Local By Flywheel

Article Outline

In this article we will discuss how to install WordPress locally using Local by Flywheel

Have you ever wanted to just create WordPress websites for fun, or for testing purposes, without getting paid hosting? If so, you are in the right place. Today we are going to learn how to set up WordPress on our computer locally, using Local by Flywheel. It is absolutely free to use.

Step #1: Download & Install Local By Flywheel

To start with you have to download Local by Flywheel on your computer. Go to and click on the download button, and select your device to download the correct version.

Once the application is downloaded, go ahead and install it. Simply follow the setup wizard and it will be installed in no time.

Step #2: How To Setup New WordPress Site On Local By Flywheel

1. Click on “create a new site” and then click “continue” if you are a beginner

2. Add a name to your new site

3. Choose “Preferred” in “Choose your environment” screen.

4. Add your own WordPress username, password and email.

5. Click Add site and a new website will be set up to be used in no time.

To go to your WordPress dashboard, simply click on the WP Admin button. You may also enable One-click admin, so that you don’t have to enter any login details. However be mindful that enabling it means anyone using your computer can login to the site.

Note: Locally hosted websites will only be accessible from your device, they cannot normally be access by someone else via the internet.

How To Access WordPress Files Using Local By Flywheel?

An incredibly helpful feature of Local by Flywheel is that it allow us to access the WordPress files without any hassle. Simply click on the Go to site folder button on the top to access the files.

Creating Blueprint Websites on Local By Flywheel

One of my favorite features is the blueprint website in LocalWP. This allows us to speed up our workflow by creating a starter WordPress site that can be easily cloned for new WordPress projects. This eliminates the same tedious tasks we do on all our new sites and automates the process. Check out this guide to creating a starter blueprint site for Elementor sites.

How To Make Locally Hosted Website Online

Local by Flywheel also has a feature which allows to make your locally hosted website temporarily accessible via the internet. This will only work until the Live Link is enabled on your site, from the Local by Flywheel dashboard.

Here is a video tutorial for a guided tutorial:

YouTube video

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